What Will Be The Main Location Of My Career Program?

This Program Can Be Started In Any Place As We Give Priority To Schools Or College /University So That Students Get More Exposure And More Easily Adjust In That Type Of Atmosphere.Though We Are In Process To Start This Program In Other Places Also.


Is Living With A Career Is Only For School Students?

A Big No, Anyone Can Take Part In Any Program As According To Their Requirements They Can Choose Any Programme.


Is this Program Free?

No, Because If Students Spend Some Funds Then Only They Will Take it More Seriously And Also For The Conduction of Program funds are Needed.

In my career program, Students Will Get More Pressure As All Fields summarize will be taught to them?

Yes,  agree, students will get pressure as it is required  , to learn how to handle pressure and that’s the main point.In future they will directly get too much pressure, then they will be unable to handle it which may give dangerous results and now we are just making them ready so that they will not toss with their lives and rather they set their goals,secondly, the pressure is always there, we are not increasing it. Choosing something without any proper Knowledge gives more pressure,At least with this program they get aware, So ultimately it decreases the pressure by giving confidence and rest to tackle stress. We are offering online programs also the main Aim of LIVING WITH CAREER is to ensure that no student will choose any wrong path out of stress.

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