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LC Is A Fast Growing Company Catering Unique Pathway, Well Known For Providing The Quality Of  Work In Education System. Basically Living With Career Is A Concept Where Individuals Undergo Each  Educational Stream For A Definite Period Of Time And Also Grab The Knowledge About The Challenges That Come In Their Pathways So That They Can Choose Their Perfect Path. We Believe In Taking Knowledge Of Everything Then Choose The Perfect Stream. “Live It”Then “Choose It”. By This Concept, We Help Students To Find The Perfect Stream Or  Even Professional Skill And It Is Also Very Useful For A Student To Find Their Innate Talent So That They Work On It Professionally . That’s Why We Are Providing A Programme For Each And Every Aspect And Also Provide Proper Support To Students. 


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We Provide Free Offline WORKSHOPS in Schools to enlighten them and provide Career Guidance in a unique way

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