Living With Career in a Short Video.

As you may know“Living With Career” is a fast-growing company catering unique pathway, well known for providing the quality of work in the Education system. We conduct  workshops to create awareness among students about our new unique pathways for helping students in their career choices available and also in other aspects like skills,innate talent etc. A need for this has been identified in society as many students are confused about choosing their career and because of their one wrong decision whole life get disturbs and even number of students especially in India commits suicide because they can’t handle that stress so we work on the base of a career that is originated in school life.

Basically living with career is a concept where individuals undergo each  educational stream for a definite period of time and also grab the knowledge about the challenges that come in their pathways so that they can choose their perfect path. we believe in taking knowledge of everything then choose the perfect stream as it will be organized in such a way that student interest in academics will also get boosted .It is a new step for evolution of Education system. 

In Living with Career many programme are offered which enables students to experience multiple professions and to realize the one made for them based upon their individual mindset. The program will help students to be ready for the challenges in their ways. And this life-changing decision will be based on practical experiences instead of connectional theories.

 In Living with Career, the programs are designed in such a way that doesn’t move with tests and quizzes rather it is more of self experiencing and realizing.

In this, we are directing the student’s capabilities towards making their future-ready. While we channelize their skills, the students develop a will power at the right time.

Living With Career will not ask About Interest, Skills and any other aspect we are giving them an opportunity to live in that Atmosphere and then choose wisely and logically.

   Our Principle: Expertise.Intuition.Ingenuity

   Practical Knowledge Is More Important, That’s What We Cater And It Makes The Toughest Life-changing Decisions Easy. Students Will Realise That Reality Is Totally Different From Conversations And There Are Many Places That Work On Your Professions And Give You Degree But There Is No Place That Works On The Building Block Of Your Career, Practically We Are Giving A Full Demo Of What You Will Be Going To   Do In Your Future and That’s Why Launching Living With Career Is A Must. Hence, The Student Gets To Know About Themselves Properly And They Get The Actual Realization Of What Is Going To Happen With Them And Confidence Level Will Be Raised And They Will Get An Idea Of All Other Professions Also, So They Are Capable To Take The Right Decision. Living With Career Makes The Students Live In Different Aspects And Then Choose The Right One. 

 Our Main Motive Is That Everyone Should Find Their Own Path And They Get Proper Support On That Path Also Should Always Look At Where They Are And How They Can Get Better. And At Any Extent, Our Main Program “My Career” Will Reduce The Suicide Rate Of India And Increases The Chances Of Getting Good Professionals. Living With A Career Is Based Upon Two Factors That There Should Be A Logical Conclusion Of Whatever You Do In Your Life And Always Strive For Excellence.

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